List of Dances

Names link to downloadable full descriptions.
A Grand Starry Night3Sicilian circleCircles, ladies chain, LH star, grand star (half star in current set, half with next set), repeat, do-si-do
A Year in the Life of a Penguin1Set dance5-cu ring.  1s strut while others reel/star/etc.  Squeeze in out in and stamp.  Double speed balances, swing.  Huddle together, outside couples keep squeezing in.
Alabama Jubilee1Big circleIn and out twice, allemande, do-si-do and move on, allemande, back to partner to swing, promenade and move on.
Albert Quadrille1SquareHeads fwd and back and do-si-do; sides ditto.  Heads circle half, W cross, M cross.  Sides ditto.  Stars for 8, balance, promenade home.
Alunelul1Line (no partner)Step, close, stamp!
Ap Shenkin1Longways1s circle with 2nd woman, then 2nd man; down, up, all single cast left and a bit more to progress
Apple Tree Square1SquareHeads forwards and back, 1s through and round, do-si-dos, allemandes, grand chain and promenade home.
Aunt Hessie's White Horse1Big circleIn to line.  Do-si-do.  Swing.
Balance the Star1Sicilian circleIn RH star formation balance in and out, then star; ditto LH.  With opposite, do-si-do and promenade; ditto with partner.
Barley Reel2Set danceLines, arch and cross, strip the willow, cast, swing.
Beaux of Albany3LongwaysTriple minor.  Balance and swing, down and up, stars, rights and lefts.
Belfast Duck1LongwaysCircles, then lead and chassé down, ditto up, ditto down, duck through arch.
Bird in the Cage1SquareCircles, swing.
Black Nag2Set danceDoubles & slips; siding & change places; arming & heys.
Blaydon Races1Big circleIn and out twice, chassé in and out twice, promenade and move on, balance and
Borrowdale Exchange1.Set danceCircles, in and out, do-si-do, star, undo with new partner, scatter.
Boston Tea Party1Set danceGallops and arches, short dip and dive, cast through arch.
Bottoms Up1Set danceForward and back and cross, thread needle, gallops with waist hold.
Bridge of Athlone1Set danceForward & back and cross, gallop cast, tunnels.
Caedmon Capers2Set danceLittle sets lead round, balance, dosido, reels, dip and dive.
Canadian Barn Dance2CoupleFoward and kick, backward and kick, chassé in and clap, chassé back; ballroom hold, chassé to man's left, then man's right, polka round.
Chanctonbury Ring2Big circleCircles, in and out twice, balance and woman moves on, chassé in and out, swing.
Cherkessia Kfula1Line (no partner)Grapevine step, special step.
Chinese Breakdown3SquareChorus: turn your corner, turn the one the other side, balance and swing partner, promenade.
Figure: Leading couple promenade round outside, ladies chain opposite couple, those couples ladies chain to right then to left.
Cincinnati Reel1Big circleDo-si-do, turn LH neighbour, do-si-do, turn RH neighbour, balance and swing with that one, promenade.
Circassian Circle1Big circleAll in and out twice, women in and out, men in and out, swing partner, promenade
Circle Hornpipe1Big circleChassées, clapping, turn partner, turn new partner
Circle Waltz1Big circleBalance in and out and women roll past, four times.  With new partner sway and turn twice.  Chassé in and out.  Waltz.
Clopton Bridge1Set danceTurns, stars, lead down, swing.
Coming Round the Mountain1Square1s promenade the set, stars, do-si-do and swing, promenade home.
Cornish Six-Hand Reel2OtherAll lead down, balance, back, balance, reel, turns, cast.
Country Bumpkin1Set danceForward and back, down and up, grand chain, others cast and up through arch
Cumberland Square Eight1SquareGalops, stars, baskets, promenade.
Danish Double Quadrille2Sicilian circleCircles, in and out in 4s, rights and lefts, circles in 4s, polka round.
Dashing White Sergeant2 (or 1)Sicilian circleCircles, turns, reels, forward and back and on.
Demented Seagull3SquareHeads star through and half circle, pass through.  Reels of four.  Grand chain, promenade
Demon's Rant2Set danceMen round women, vice versa; circles; arch, double cast, dip and dive
Devon Jig1Set danceArches, cast, 1s swing down, fountain cast.
Die Woaf1CoupleChassées, lady round man; repeat; balance together, apart, roll accross; repeat; chassées, waltz.
Dishrag Dance2Sicilian circleCircles, dishrags, stars, find new couple.
Dixon Sixsome2Sicilian circleCircle, middles swing ends, arches along lines, stars, baskets, forward and back and on.
Djacko1Line (no partner)Step, kick, travel.
Double or Quits2Sicilian circleCircles, reels, half rights and lefts at one end then the other, balances and turns.
English Gay Gordons1Big circleForward, pivot, backwards; repeat other way.  Balance, twirl, balance, under the arch.
Enrico1LongwaysStars, then single cast, double cast,1s swing to bottom.
Farandole1OtherLines of people weave, cross, spiral at whim.
Farmer's Gallop1Big circleStep forwards, return, slip steps and return, turn partner, swing on diagonal.
Finnegan's Reel2Set danceDo-si-do, turn, stars, cast and weave, cast, arch, swing.
Five Hand Reel2OtherReels and stepping
Fivepenny Bit2Set danceStars on sides with 5's; reels on sides; 5s go through arches made by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, leaving 4s as new 5s.
Flirtation Reel3LongwaysDown and back, hey, gypsy, swing, forward and back and 1s swing.
Flying Pieman1Set danceWeaving, 1s galop down and back, top 3 couples galop down.
Flying Scotsman1Set danceWeave, galops.  See Flying Pieman for a more vigorous version
Foula Reel2Set dance1s down, strip willow back up, arch over sides, poussette.
Four Around Four1Set danceLines lead round, 1s gallop, swing
Gay Gordons1CoupleForward, pivot, backwards; repeat other way.  Woman twirls.  Polka briefly.
Gingerbread2Sicilian circleSwings, stars, arches, baskets.
Gipsy Hill Jig2Set danceReels on sides, grand chain, stars, 1s down and all swing
Goathland Square Eight1SquareCircle, heads swap, sides swap, grand chain, swing
Good Queen Vic1Longways1s gallop, 1s and 2s gallop, clapping, do-si-do, right arm turn, 1s swing past.
Grand National1Set danceGallop sideways and turn partner, again other way, tops cross and weave down, all swing
Hebridean Weevil1Set dance1s down, arch up and down, up.  Strip willow down, arch; all cast and through; 1s up and cast.  Jogging step.
Honeywell Circle1Big circleCircles, chassé in and clap, ditto out, arm-turn partner then arm-turn neighbour (new partner), balance and swing
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight3SquareAllemande, grand chain, do-si-do, promenade, swing, pick-up circle.
I want to be near you1SquareSeparate, round outside, do-si-do corner, promenade partner.
Jig a Jig Square1Square1st M weaves, 1st W ditto, balance and swing, do-si-do, men star, then star promenade, then tunnelling.
Joe Taylor's Dance2Square1s out through 3s and weave back, men star and move women, grand chain, crossings
Julia's Frolics1LongwaysArches go left and right while people burrow; turn partner, clapping, swing, step 1 place left, spare people burrow.
La Bastringue2Set danceStars, arch, strip willow.
La Russe1SquareBalance and swing contraries, ditto partner, 1s keep swinging then promenade, crossing, circle and promenade home.
Leaving for Barbados1Set danceGallop to and fro with all couples joining in one by one.
Levi Jackson Rag4OtherSides right & left while heads lead down; circles and cast; dosido.  5 ladies chain, promendade, balance and swing.
Little Log Cabin1SquareTwo couples promenade, stars with diagonal pairs, circle, in and out, swing
Lucky Seven version 11Big circleCircle L 16, in and out twice, grand chain for 7, swing.
Lucky Seven version 21Big circleIn and out twice, do-si-dos, grand chain for 7, swing.
Maggie Mixer2Big circleLead, chassé, counter-march, do-si-do, swing.
McCann's Reel2Sicilian circleDo-si-dos, big circles, small circles, all march, one couple pops through arch to progress.
Military Two-Step1CoupleHeel-&-toe twice, go forwards, turn, repeat; kicks, woman turns to face, polka round
Mock Turtle Hornpipe1Sicilian circleStep-hop.  circles, arch under and back, stars, side-steps past
Monte Carlo1SquareForward and back, circle, star, do-si-do, swing, promenade.
Moving Along1Big circleIn and out twice, turn partner and move on, ditto next, ditto next, do-si-do next, swing the next
Ninepins1SquareGallop, swing, circle.
Nottingham Swing1LongwaysCorners forearm swing, 1s down and up and cast, all swing.
OXO Reel1Set danceForward and back and gallop twice.  Make OXO, gallop, swing.
Pat-a-Cake Polka1CoupleHeel & toe x2, go forwards; repeat the other way; clapping; move on.
Peggy's Parade2SquareHeads do-si-do and cast; ladies chain.  Sides ditto.  W do star promenade, drop partner, star on 3 places, balance and swing new partner.
Pop Goes the Weasel1Longways1s pop 2nd woman, then 2nd man; 1s down and up; all swing and progress.
Postie's Jig3Set danceEnds cross, figure 8, cross and arm turn repeatedly, rights & lefts, swing.
Pride of Dingle2Set dance(4 couples plus 1 person) March up or down, dingle climbs ladder, forward and back, swing.
Quarndon Hill1Sicilian circle1s gallop round and back, 2s ditto, stars, forward and back, arch through and back and on
Rachel's Reel1Set danceSlips and circle twice, elbow turn partner, top man / bottom woman (alternating) cast to bottom.
Reel of Ballymore2Big circleIn and out, promenade, turns, balance and swing.
Return of the Antelope2Set danceWaves on the sides, turn, repeat; 1s swing, grand chain, all swing
Rozsa2CoupleSway, turn and lock, chassé left & right, sway, unlock: balance in and out, chassé left & right, waltz
Sasha1CouplePoint, clap, arm turns.
Scout House Reel3LongwaysLines down and up, circle, ladies' chain, do-si-do, swing, lines forward and back, 1s swing.
Sheldon Lions' Jig3Set danceForward and back, do-si-do, thread the needle, lead to the bottom, cast, up through arch, swing.
Sibyl's Roundabout2Big circleIn and out twice (men stay in 2nd time), do-si-do, chassé left and right, make wavy circle, balance, allemande, balance, figure-of-8 to new partner and swing.
Silly Threesome1Big circleSicilian threesome.  Go forwards, middles turn ends, forwards, tunnelling.
Sir Roger de Coverley2Set danceForward and back, turns, back-to-back, cast, up through arch.
Snakes and Ladders1Longways1st M leads both W lead round 2nd M, then 2nd M leads them round 1st M; poussettes, arches.
Soldier's Joy3Longways1s down and up, reel of four, all down and up passing through, polka round.
Solitaire3OtherSet, arm turn, reel of three, in to the middle and back.
St Bernard's Waltz1CoupleForwards, stamp, back, chassé in and out, waltz on
St Lawrence Jig3LongwaysAllemandes, swing, lines down and up, rights and lefts, lines forward and back, star.
Steamboat1LongwaysLines down and back, all down and up passing through, stars, swing and change
Stepping Stone Rag2Set danceDiagonal do-si-dos, stars, 1s dip forwards and backwards to bottom.
Strip the Willow (longways)1LongwaysStrip the willow both sides at once.
Strip the Willow (set dance)1Set danceStrip the willow!
Strip the Willow Square2SquareHeads gallop, sides gallop; heads strip willow round square; circles, balance and swing.
Suicide Square1Set danceAll couples against wall round the room, galops across and back.  balance and swing, men do inner circle while women do outer, grab new partner.
Swedish Masquerade1CoupleMarches; balance and waltz; balance and polka.
Sweets of May1Sicilian circleCircles, stars, balance and swing partner and opposite, do-si-dos, forward and back and on.
T.A.G.2Set danceCast into stars on the sides, swap stars, and another cast
Tea-Kettle3SquareForward & back, pass through, cast, forward & back, cross over, lead down and back, cast, forward and back, swing, cast, grand chain, swing.
Texas Star1SquareIn and out, stars, star promenade, wheel 1½, star promenade, swing.
The Amazon2Sicilian circleCircle L, do-si-do Partner; circle R, do-si-do Opposite; form pairs and woman steers couple round and back.
The Carousel1Sicilian circleDo-si-dos, make circle and balance, then circle L, ditto R; elbow balances, then rotate a line of four.
The Geud Man of Ballangigh2LongwaysCouples in turn go round other couples; setting, half-circle, change places
The Heartbreaker2SquareCircle L and R, 4-ladies-chain, 1s through arches, do-si-dos.
The Heathfield Rag3Set danceTurns, chassés, circles, cross.
The Leaving of Liverpool2Set danceLines, gates, circle, cross and cast.
The Mozart2Set danceTo centre and back, 1s weave down, balance and swing, forward and back and on.
The New Parliament House Jig3Other3 rows of 3: double casts, circles, stars, reels of 3, lines interchange.
The Oak Tree2Set danceCast, circle x 2, 2s corner-partner-corner-partner, gallops.
The Pawnbroker2Set danceGallops with chases, 3 circles, squeeze.
The Ploughboy2Set danceSwing, down and back, stars, corners cross, circle and cast.
The Retiring Librarian2Set danceCircle, star, do-si-do, swing, promenade.
The Short and the Tall4Set danceStars, Devil's Elbow, half circle, turn partner, down through arch, do-si-do.
The Snowball1Set danceProgressive glossary dance - turns, stars, circles, lines, gallops, cast.
The Steps of Waterloo1Sicilian circleCircles, stars, basket, forward and back and pass on.
The Tempest2LongwaysCircles, galops, ends swing while middles star, dip-&-dive or fwd-&-back.
The Three-hand Reel2Set dance2s swing 1st and 2nd corners; reels on sides; 1s swing down.
The Willow Tree2Set danceGalops down to fetch someone, ends strip willow to middle and make arch, others cast through arch.
Tumbling Tom's Tonic2OtherReels, swings, clapping, women star while men walk round: women progress
Tunnel Through1SquareBalance & swing, split the ring, circles, lines forward and back, moving tunnel.
Twelve Reel2SquareSquare of threesomes.  Forwards and back, repeat swapping ends, middles elbow swing, reels, middles move round.
Untitled Square3Square1s do-si-do and right-&-left round the set, then women and men alternately roll to left; promenade.
Up the Middle and down the Sides2Set danceGallop, arch, poussette, dance round.
Virginia Reel1Set danceForward and back, turns, tops down and back, all cast, through arch, swing.
Waltz Country Dance (version 1)2Sicilian circleWaltz time.  Balance and change places with opposite then partner.  Balance the circle, women roll across, four times.  Waltz on.
Waltz Country Dance (version 2)2Sicilian circleWaltz time.  Balance and change places with opposite then partner.  Balance the circle, women roll across, four times.  Waltz on.
Waterfall Waltz2Sicilian circleWaltz time.  Men turn, do-si-do corner, women likewise, chassé past, turn partner, repeat, circle left and on.
Waves of Tory2Set danceForward and back and cross; tops gallop down, all dip and dive.
Weaver Jig1Sicilian circleCircle, star, do-si-dos, dip and dive 4 times to move on, basket.
Weaver's Galopede1Set danceThread needle, gallops and crossings, swing.
Whalebones1Set danceCasts and arches.
Wherries Circle Contra1Sicilian circleCircles, big circles, stars, do-si-do, forward and back and on (unusual starting formation).
Whynot's Circle Contra2Sicilian circleBig circles right and left, do-si-do and swing, ladies chain, small circles.
Witch's Reel1Set danceDown and back, cast, thread needle.