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Witch's Reel

Author:  Tony Slinger
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, Longways proper
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: 1s galop down (8 steps) and back.
A2: 1s cast out and all follow; 1s arch at bottom and all through arch.
B1: Join hands along lines and old 1s (now at bottom) join hands across the set to make horseshoe.  New top W starts thread the needle under arch made by 2 men at top.  (NB at end both arching men can turn in and go under their own arms).
B2: New top man starts thread the needle under Ws arch.  Men need to be snappy to get the set reformed in time.

An energetic set can thread the needle twice - the eye runs round one way while the thread runs round the other way through the eye.

Music:  32-bar reels/jigs
Thumbnail:  Down and back, cast, thread needle.