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Wherries Circle Contra

Author:  Ron Coxall, from 'Jogs to the Memory'
Formation: Sicilian circle, but with one inside circle and one outside circle, giving two circles round the room, partners standing side-by-side.  (You can get to this formation by starting in a Sicilian circle and asking the sets to circle one place to the left.)
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Circle left and right in fours.
A2: Circle left and right in two big circles (inside couples in one circle, outsides in another).
B1: Right hand star; left hand star.
B2: Do-si-do opposite person.  Take hands with partner, go forward in pairs to meet opposites; fall back moving left to meet next couple.

Thumbnail:  Circles, big circles, stars, do-si-do, forward and back and on (unusual starting formation).