A Barn Dance Repertoire
by Thomas Green
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Waterfall Waltz

Author:  Pat Shaw
Formation: Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Men turn each other once by RH (4 waltz steps); do si do opposite (4 steps again).
A2: Women turn once by RH; do si do partner.
B1: Face partner but don't take hands.  All take 2 chassés towards the other couple, passing them with women on the inside passing face to face and men on the outside.  Take both hands with partner and half turn.  Chassé back in the same way; half-turn partner again.
B2: Circle left half way, all bow/curtsey.  Take two hands with partner and turn one and a half.

A variant for the one and a half turn in B2 is waltz round in place.

Music:  Own tune, Caerdroea, or other 32-bar waltzes