A Barn Dance Repertoire
by Thomas Green
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Waltz Country Dance (version 1)

Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English
Sicilian circle

A1: Face your opposite, take right hands, balance forward and back and then forward past each other to change places; ditto with your partner.
A2: Repeat A1.  (This takes you round a little square.)
B1: All take hands.  Balance in and out, then women cross from left to right (they let go with their left hands, roll across the man on the right, taking his right hand in their left hand, and roll into place on his right, all taking hands in a ring again).  Repeat.
B2: Repeat B1.
B3: Waltz on to next couple.

Ths is the version in the EFDSS Community Dances Manual.  It's a nice unhurried version, but it does require 40-bar tunes.

Music:  40-bar waltzes, e.g.  the Bath Waltz; or a 3-part waltz (e.g.  the Cheshire waltz) played AABC; or (probably easiest) a regular waltz with an 8-bar waltz-on stuck on the end.