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Virginia Reel

Formation: Set dance, 4 or 5 couples, longways
Difficulty:  1
Style:  Scottish/English/American

A1: Lines forward and back; repeat.
A2: Turn partner by right hand; turn partner by left hand.
B1: Turn partner with both hands; do-si-do partner.
B2: 1s (top couple) gallop down the set and back again.
C1+C2: 1s cast off, man to the left and woman to the right, and all follow.  1s make arch at bottom and others lead up under the arch to finish 2s 3s 4s (5s) 1s.  Swing partner if time.

There are many many versions.  This is the version I know, and I think it's the usual version in Scotland, but the Community Dance manual includes a strip-the-willow figure between the B and C parts to make it a 64-bar dance.  This is the actual reel of the title, so maybe it should be included - but it does make the dance harder to teach.  The US version seems to be a bit different again.

Music:  48-bar jigs or reels
Thumbnail:  Advance/retire, tops down and back, all cast through arch.