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Up the Middle and down the Sides

Author:  Collected by Cyril Papworth
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, longways
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: First couple take both hands and dance 4 sideways steps down the middle and 4 side steps back, all that again, face up on the last bar holding inside hands.
B1: First couple wheel around, make an arch and dance round the set - man inside - with the arch over the heads of the men first, wheel around and arch over the heads of the women; so back to places.
A2: All take both hands with partners, first couple weave to the bottom of the set, first man pushing and then pulling while the other 3 couples move back and forward, keeping together in line, the men pulling and pushing (i.e.  half-poussettes).
B2: The 2 couples at the top take ballroom hold and round each other once while the 2 bottom couples do the same.

From Cyril Papworth's booklet "Polka Round" which is available online

B1 and B2 are danced with the Cambridgeshire polka step, which is a 1-2-3-hop with the knee raised on the hop.  A2 is done to a walk step.

Music:  The suggested tune is "Shave the Donkey", which has many variants.
See one of them here
Thumbnail:  Gallop, arch, poussette, dance round.