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Tumbling Tom's Tonic

Author:  Les Ord
4 couples in lines of four facing, partners side-by-side, with the women in the centre:
M1   M2
W1   W2
W4   W3
M4   M3

Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Reels of four along the sides, all the way back to place.
A2: Border swing partner twice around (right arms round waists, left arms free); ditto with left arms.
B1: Face partner and clap Own-Together, Right-with-Partner, Together, Left, Together, Crossed-on-chest, Both-with-Partner.  Right elbow turn.  Clap as before.  Left elbow turn.
B2: Women RH star while men go round anti-clockwise outside; then women LH star going one extra place on, while men go clockwise back to own place.  Form new lines.

Men always start from home position, women progress.
Thanks to Les Ord for permission.  Les calls and plays with the band Tumbling Tom.

Music:  32 bar hornpipes - the tune played on the video is Gilderoy
Thumbnail:  Reels, swings, clapping, women star while men walk round: women progress