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The Pawnbroker

Formation: Set dance, 5 couples
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: 1s galop down chased by 2s then back to place 2s leading (8 steps each way).
A2: 1s set off again this time pursued by 3s and back.  3s return to place; 1s stop between 4s and 5s.
B1: 2s and 3s make a circle of 4 while remaining W make a circle of 3 and while remaining M make a circle of 3.  All circle L 8 steps and back.
B2: 1s leave their circles and turn to each other into a long swing (16 steps).  All others make a ring and squeeze them: circle moves forward saying "we want our money".  As it moves back the 1s reply "cheque's in the post"; repeat the squeeze.  1s end at bottom on own sides.

An everyday story of urban life - honest people (the 1s) are chased by creditors (the 2s and 3s) until they have to go to the pawnbrokers - then everyone falls on them and squeezes out their last pennies.

Music:  32-bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Gallops with chases, 3 circles, squeeze.