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Author:  Ron Buchanan
Formation: Square
Difficulty:  3
Style:  American

A1: Heads forward and back.  Pass through, separate, round two people to the ends of side lines.
A2: Lines forward and back.  Cross over.
B1: Ones lead down the centre (of the longways set), turn alone, lead back, cast one place.
B2: Lines forward and back.  All swing opposite and finish facing the ones' place.
C1/2: Cast from the top, start progressive grand chain at the bottom till all home (12 bars).  Swing original partner.

Colin says   This was originally an American Square but it has entered the ceilidh repertoire (usually in the plural as "Tea-kettles") with several different versions doing the rounds, so I'm pleased to be able to give you the original version (which you may choose to ignore).  Ron is an American who takes moves from traditional squares and creates something new and exciting from them; my favourites are Hey-mania and Country Corners Canon neither of which is suitable for this site!  Ron calls the dance unphrased, but I prefer to fit each turn of the dance into 48 bars.

It's important to stress "cast one place" in B1 or people may confuse it with everyone casting in C1.  It can be tricky to get people facing the right way after the swing in B2 since it's a different direction each time.  The first time is easy - face the band - but you may need to identify features of the room for the other three.  If people finish on the wrong side after this swing they will probably be in trouble!  And make sure people don't stop the grand chain (which Ron would call "Grand right and left") until everyone is home.

Music:  4 x 48-bar reels, such as "Ragtime Annie"
Thumbnail:  Forward & back, pass through, cast, forward & back, cross over, lead down and back, cast, forward and back, swing, cast, grand chain, swing.