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Sweets of May

Author:  Barry Evans and Pam Harrison
Formation: Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Circle left and right in fours.
A2: RH star; LH star.
B1: With partner, balance and swing.
B2: Ditto with opposite, finishing where you started.
C1: Do-si-do opposite; do-si-do partner.
C2: Couples advance and retire, then anticlockwise couples arch and all move on to the next.

Quite a gentle dance.
Jimmy Smith says:
There is a very popular Irish Ceilidh Dance of the same name.  It is quite a different dance.  So be warned when asked for it at a ceilidh the punter may be talking of a different dance from this one.

Music:  48 bar jigs (e.g.  own tune though I prefer other tunes).
Thumbnail:  Circles, stars, balance and swing partner and opposite, do-si-dos, forward and back and on.