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Swedish Masquerade

Author:  Traditional Danish
Formation: Couple
Difficulty:  1
Style:  Danish

Part 1: (slow march): taking inside hands, couples march forward 8 slow steps, turn in to face the other way, changing hands.  March back, turn in to face original direction.
Part 2: (waltz): couples balance away from each other and together, twice, then waltz 4 steps; repeat all that.
Part 3: (brisk polka): balance away and together twice, then polka; repeat.
The second video clip shows variation: in part 2, do all four balances first and then do the waltz; in part 3, do the balances in double time, as little jumps.

This is a parody dance - the Danes making fun of the Swedes.  Encourage the couples to strut proud and tall in part 1, slink elegantly in part 2, and whoop and bounce energetically in part 3.  Get the band to funk the tune up as though go along.

Music:  Own tune
Thumbnail:  Marches; balance and waltz; balance and polka.