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Stepping Stone Rag

Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, longways proper
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Diagonal do-si-dos by 1st man and 2nd woman, 3rd man and 4th woman; then the same by the other pairs, i.e.  1st woman and 2nd man, 3rd woman and 4th man.
A2: Top two couples do right hand star and the bottom two couples likewise.  Then the same couples do left hand star, ending with 1s facing down, others facing up.
B1 and 2: All take inner hands.  2s make an arch and 1s go under, then 1s arch and go backwards over 2s, then 2s arch again and 1s go under to face 3s.  Over 3s, back under, then over again to face 4s.  Under 4s, back over, under again.  Each couple starts to swing as soon as it can.

It might be easiest to call A1 as "1st corners do-si-do ...  2nd corners do-si-do".

Music:  Jigs for walking, hornpipes etc for step-hop.
Thumbnail:  Diagonal do-si-dos, stars, 1s dip forwards and backwards to bottom.