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Soldier's Joy

Formation: Longways, Proper, Rant step if possible
Difficulty:  3
Style:  English

A1: 1s dance down the outside, then back up again to finish outside the 2s, who face out.
A2: Reel of four, then go to original places at start of dance.
B1: 1s dance down the middle followed by 2s.  Turn individually and come back, 1s passing through an arch made by 2s.
B2: Polka swing round other couple, once-and-half times round to pass them.

Jimmy Smith says:
Lots of Dances with this name on the WWW videos, none the same as this one.  If dancing the rant step the band will need to be careful not to play Soldiers Joy at either REEL speed or as a hornpipe as is often done.

Music:  Rants or hornpipes - Own tune if possible.
Thumbnail:  1s down and up, reel of four, all down and up passing through, polka round.