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Sibyl's Roundabout

Author:  Les Wootton, English Dance and Song, Spring 1972.
Formation: Big circle, Women on partner's right, mixer
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: All go into the middle 4 steps and out; all go in again, men move in another two steps and turn around as women fall back 4 steps.
A2: Do-si-do partner; chassé 2 steps on your own (i.e.  not holding partner) to your own left, then chassé 2 steps to your right (note that men and women go opposite ways).
B1: Give left hand to partner and right hand to neighbour to make a wavy circle with men facing out and balance forward and back; allemande left half-way with person in your left hand (your partner), to make another wave with men facing in and balance forward and back.  Allemande right half-way with person in your right hand (new partner) to meet someone coming your way (your partner+2).
B2: Allemande left with the one coming towards you all the way round; go back to your new partner and swing.

Colin says   Tell them to smile or wink at their new partner after they've done the two chassés left, as this will remind them which one they're going to swing.
Most callers don't tell the men to do the extra two steps in A1 but it makes the dance flow so much better.

Music:  32-bar jigs
Thumbnail:  In and out twice (men stay in 2nd time), do-si-do, chassé left and right, make wavy circle, balance, allemande, balance, figure-of-8 to new partner and swing.