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Scout House Reel

Author:  Ted Sannella
Formation: Longways, duple improper - start with 1s between 2s all facing down.
Difficulty:  3
Style:  American

A1: Down the centre four in line; turn alone come back bending into a circle.
A2: Circle left once round; ladies' chain across.
B1: Women do-si-do across the set and go a bit further (passing right shou again); swing the opposite man ending facing across the set in progressed places (woman on right of man).
B2: All join hands, lines forward and back; 1s swing in the centre and finish between the next 2s facing down.

The Scout House is owned by the Girl Scouts in Concord, Massachusetts, and is a hotbed of contra dancing.

Music:  32-bar American reels
Thumbnail:  Lines down and up, circle, ladies' chain, do-si-do, swing, lines forward and back, 1s swing.