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Author:  Gordon Potts
Formation: Couple, facing partner.
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Two hands to partner, palms or fingertips touching about shoulder height: sway to man's left and right; man raises his right hand and woman turns to her right (clockwise) half-way under his arm so that they're both facing the same way.  Chassé left (four small sliding steps).
A2: Chassé right four steps.  Sway left and right, woman unwinds to finish right hand in right.
B1: Balance in and out; change places, woman turning left under man's arm.  The same back again, and take ballroom hold.
B2: Chassé two steps to man's left; two to man's right.  Waltz on for four steps.

A deliberately slinky dance.
Colin says   I've corrected the spelling of the title and rewritten the dance instructions.
The first link shows what I believe is the correct version of the dance.

Music:  Slinky waltzes.  Here's the original tune:
Thumbnail:  Sway, turn and lock, chassé left & right, sway, unlock: balance in and out, chassé left & right, waltz