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Rachel's Reel

Author:  Nigel Barrell
Formation: Set dance, 3 couples, longways proper
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Take hands along sides, slip L 4 steps, slip R 4 steps; all take hands and circle right, once around.
A2: As A1 but opposite way - slip R, slip L, circle left.
B1: Turn partner by the right arm, then by the left arm.
B2: Top man cast to bottom of own line, others move up, all swing person opposite (new partner).
2nd time, bottom woman casts up, then top man again, and so on alternating.  After 6 times through everyone is home.

The alternation gives a nice opportunity for slips.

Music:  6 x 32-bar reels
Thumbnail:  Slips and circle twice, elbow turn partner, top man / bottom woman (alternating) cast to bottom.