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Nottingham Swing

Formation: Longways, duple proper
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A: Bars 1-4: 1st man and 2nd woman right forearm swing.
A: Bars 5-8: 2nd man and 1st woman ditto.
B: Bars 1-4: 1s chassé or lead down set 2 steps and back; cast down round 2s.
B: Bars 5-8: All swing (cross-hand hold).

Colin says   I say "Cross-hand swing" because it's quick to say, but what I recommend is a right forearm hold (as in A) and then left hands joined above (or below) - it's more controlled than a cross-hand swing.

Make sure people don't dig their thumbs in with a forearm hold!

Music:  16-bar scottisches or hornpipes (e.g.  a 32-bar hornpipe played without the usual repeats).  Here are the standard tune and some others
Thumbnail:  Corners forearm swing, 1s down and up and cast, all swing.