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Monte Carlo

Formation: Square
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

The head two couples into the middle and back to places all.
Forward again and circle to the left and don't you fall;
Put your right hand in for a right-hand star;
Back with a left but not too far
And go back to your home in Monte Carlo.
Do-si-do your partner with an independent air;
You swing your millionaire; you promenade the square
And you'll hear them sigh as you go by,
And you'll see them wink the other eye
At the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

Colin says   I haven't put in A's and B's because it's a singing square.
Head two couples / Side two couples / All four ladies / All four men go / Everybody!

Music:  10 x Own tune
Thumbnail:  Forward and back, circle, star, do-si-do, swing, promenade.