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Military Two-Step

Formation: Couple, all facing anticlockwise, men on the inside of the circle.
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

1: Lady with hand on man's shoulder, man with arm around waist, touch heel then toe of outer foot to ground twice, bouncing; march three steps and turn.
2: Repeat in the opposite direction.
3: Join hands, bounce on both feet, then kick the right foot across the body (to the left), followed by the left foot across the body (to the right).  The man raises his left hand and the lady turns underneath (dropping the other hand).  Man can salute with his right hand.
4: Polka around the room.

You can omit the kicks in step 3

Music:  16-bar polkas or schottisches
Thumbnail:  Heel-&-toe twice, go forwards, turn, repeat; kicks, woman turns to face, polka round