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Leaving for Barbados

Also known as  A Trip to Barbados
Author:  Phil Thorogood
Formation: Set dance, 6 couples
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Top 3 couples circle L bottom 3 couples ditto; then back.
A2: Top 3 couples right hand star bottom 3 couples ditto; left hand star.
B1: Reform the set.  1s galop down 8 steps; 6s followed by 1s galop back.
B2: 6-1-2 galop down; 5-6-1-2 back.
C1: 5-6-1-2-3 galop down; 4-5-6-1-2-3 galop back.
C2: 1s (now in the middle) lead to the top, wave goodbye and cast to the bottom.

Good for weddings, as 'Leaving on your Honeymoon' led by bride and groom - visit dressmakers, caterers, printers for invitations, groom's family, bride's family.  Or whatever.

The Barn Dance Book has a slightly different version (C2: 1s swing slowly to bottom and then all swing) and it's called 'A Trip to Barbados'.

Colin says   This version is as Phil wrote it.  Phil says:
B1 and B2 is the happy couple setting off on their journey, the form of transport gradually getting bigger.  The instruction I always gave was that the top couple galloped down thro’ the set, collected the end couple then four went right up thro’ again collecting the end couple until all six couples are involved.   This leaves 1st couple in the middle.   They lead to the top, turn and wave to the rest (all say ‘Byeeeee’) then nip down the outside and join on at the bottom ‘cos they aren’t really leaving for Barbados, just a weekend in [somewhere near the venue of the dance].

Thumbnail:  Gallop to and fro with all couples joining in one by one.