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Joe Taylor's Dance

Author:  Cathy Lesurf
Formation: Square
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: 1s pass (stepping) between 3s, cross and weave in and out of set to place, crossing again as they get back to leave them in their home positions.
A2: Stars:
1-4: Men dance half a right hand star and collect their opposite woman round the waist halfway round the set, then without stopping they finish the star.
5-8: Men turn (leaving that woman there) and dance a left hand star, collecting their partner round the waist on the way back.
B1: Grand chain all the way round the set.
1-2: Heads cross by right hand.
3-4: Sides ditto.
5-6: Heads cross left hand.
7-8: Sides ditto.
Next time 2s step across the set, etc.

Music:  32-bar hornpipes
Thumbnail:  1s out through 3s and weave back, men star and move women, grand chain, crossings