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Hebridean Weevil

Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, longways.
Difficulty:  1
Style:  Scottish

A1: Partners arm right, then left.
A2: Partners do-si-do twice, right shoulder both times.
B1 and 2: 1s lead down, then take an arch up over the men's side and back down over the women (woman on the outside), finally leading back, improper.
A3 and 4: 1s strip the willow to the bottom, and there make an arch (proper sides).
B3 and 4: 2s 3s and 4s cast and lead up through the arch to places, then make arches facing down.  1s lead up through the arches and cast out to bottom of set.

Running step throughout - jogging rhythm or else one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four.  The running step is tiring, so use this dance just before or just after a break.
Colin says   A shortened version of "Hebridean Weaving Lilt".

Music:  64 bars to one turn of the dance.  The Keel Row works well.
Thumbnail:  1s down, arch up and down, up.  Strip willow down, arch; all cast and through; 1s up and cast.  Jogging step.