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Good Queen Vic

Author:  Martyn Harvey from 'Night of the Fight'
Formation: Longways, duple improper
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

Start with 1s facing partner but standing between the 2s.
A1: 1s gallop 8 steps down the set and back, finishing between the 2s again; 1s turn out to face the 2s.  (Should now be facing someone of opposite sex.)
A2: Gallop down the set with the person you're facing, and back to place.
B1: Clapping.  M1 with W2, M2 with W1.  Own-together, right with opposite, own together, lefts, own, cross arms over own chest, own together, both with opposite.  All do-si-do.
B2: Right arm turns that person twice around; 1s meet in middle of set and swing down half a place while the 2s move up half a place.  1s remember to finish the swing improper.

Music:  32-bar reels
Thumbnail:  1s gallop, 1s and 2s gallop, clapping, do-si-do, right arm turn, 1s swing past.