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Goathland Square Eight

Formation: Square
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Circle left (stepping).  Circle right.
A2: Threes arch, heads cross; fours arch, sides cross.  Ones arch, heads cross back; twos arch, sides cross back.
B1: Grand chain half-way.  Swing.
B2: That again.

Colin says   Can also be danced to rants.  This is a dance which needs to be danced, not walked.  In particular the arching in A2 is very quick, and I suggest you don't do a California twirl after crossing, just turn back to face into the set.

There are several YouTube videos, none of which do the dance as notated above!

Music:  32-bar polkas, eg Girl with Blue Dress On, or jigs
Thumbnail:  Circle, heads swap, sides swap, grand chain, swing