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Gipsy Hill Jig

Author:  Irene Harcourt - Everyday Dances
Formation: Set dance, 3 couples, Start with 1s facing down, others facing up
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Reels along the sides, starting with 1s passing 2s by right shoulder.
A2: Grand chain, progressive: 1s face across, others face up; 1s pass by right hand, then give left to 2s, etc, the 2s and 3s joining in as the 1s reach them.  End in place.  The 1s (and particularly the 2nd man) have to move quickly to get round, ready for...
B1: 1s and 2s right hand star, left hand star.
B2: 1s galop to bottom and all swing.  End in place, new 1s facing down, others up.

Music:  3 x 32-bar jigs: Own tune by Denis Darke.
Thumbnail:  Reels on sides, grand chain, stars, 1s down and all swing