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Foula Reel

Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, longways proper
Difficulty:  2
Style:  Scottish

A1 & A2: 1s lead down the middle and strip the willow back up.
B1: Back at the top, 1s make an arch (with the man inside) and carry it down over the men's heads, then back over the women's' heads.
B2: Poussette, starting with 1st man pushing and all other men pulling.  (I.e.  all take hands with partner.  1s pass each other couple in turn, weaving in and out as they go to and fro.)

Distinctive because of the strip the willow and the poussette.  Difficulty is 2 because the poussette gives people trouble.
Colin says   I teach it with just four galops to the bottom and immediately start the strip the willow, or you probably won't get there in time.

Music:  32-bar jigs, e.g.The Shaalds o' Foula or Thomas says it's good to a step-hop tune.
Thumbnail:  1s down, strip willow back up, arch over sides, poussette.