A Barn Dance Repertoire
by Thomas Green
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Flying Scotsman

Set dance, 3 or 4 couples
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English
3 or 4 couples longways

A1: Men hold hands and 1st man leads weaving through the women's line - behind 1st woman, in front of 2nd, behind 3rd, and straight back home (If there's a 4th couple, don't go round them).  (16 steps).
A2: Ditto for women, weaving through men's line.
B1: 1s galop as far as possible down the room (8 steps) then back to BOTTOM of set.
B2: Sides take hands and lines sidestep down the room (8 steps) and back (8 steps), led by the 1s who are now at the bottom of the set.

An easier (and perhaps more common) version just has the lines leading round the other line rather than weaving in and out.

The Flying Scotsman is a famous train which broke records travelling from London to Edinburgh - see the link.