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Flying Pieman

Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, Longways proper, vigorous
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Women hold hands and 1st woman leads weaving through the men's line - behind 1st man, in front of 2nd, behind 3rd, and straight back home.  (16 steps).
A2: Ditto for men, weaving through women's line.
B1: 1s galop as far as possible down the room (8 steps) then back to between couples 2 and 3.
B2: Top 3 couples, now in order 2 1 3, take with partner and gallop down the room, facing partner (8 steps) led by the 3s; then couples 2 and 3 return, while couple 1 stops below couple 4 (8 steps).
Final order 2 3 4 1.

A slightly harder version of the Flying Scotsman - called by Alistair Anderson who said it came from Australia and the fourth couple stands still throughout each turn of the dance.

I don't see that it matters whether the women start (as in this version) or the men start (as in the Flying Scotsman).

Thumbnail:  Weaving, 1s galop down and back, top 3 couples galop down.