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Finnegan's Reel

Formation: Set dance, 4 couples
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Do-si-do.  Right-hand turn.
A2: Do-si-do left shoulder.  Left-hand turn.
B1: In fours, right-hand star.  Left-hand star.
B2: Top couple cast out and weave down their own line, round the bottom person and weave up to the top again.
C1: Cast from the top, ones arch, others up through the arch.
C2: All swing.      [Irish swing: hold right hands, elbows well down, put left hand on partner's (right) elbow.]

Colin says   I don't remember where I got this one from, but if it's not Irish it's certainly pretending to be, so it might be a good choice if you're asked to call an "Irish Night"!  I learnt it as 40 bars so I added the final swing, and doing an "Irish" hold certainly makes it feel a little different.

Music:  4 x 48 bar Irish reels or polkas.  Here are a couple of 32-bar Irish polkas as an idea
Thumbnail:  Do-si-do, turn, stars, cast and weave, cast, arch, swing.