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Double or Quits

Author:  John Kinch (Caller's Choice 2)
Formation: Sicilian circle, man + 2 women facing clockwise, facing woman + 2 men
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: All circle left and right (8 steps).
A2: Reel of 3 (centre dancer turns right, passes the RH person by the right shoulder).
B1: The two facing couples who are nearest the centre do half rights & lefts; then the couples now farthest from centre do half Rs and Ls.  (Beginners may find this tricky - explain carefully.)
B2: New lines of 3 join hands, balance right and left, turn the person opposite half way round to change places; lines of 3 balance right and left again, then all turn round individually to face a new threesome.

Music:  32-bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Circles, reels, half rights and lefts at one end then the other, balances and turns.