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Author:  Serbian
Formation: Line (no partner)
Difficulty:  1
Style:  Serbian

A1: (4 bars):  R, close, R, kick L across; L, close, L, kick R.
A2: Same.
B: (4 bars):  R, kick L across, L, kick R across; same.
C1: (4):  R, L behind & lean back, same; same, R, stamp L.
C2: Same to L.

Colin says   Pronounced "Datch-ko" and also spelt "Djachko".  See "Alunelul" for an explanation of why you should have this dance in your repertoire.  In the video link they don't do it exactly the way I describe it here - but they're no more Serbian than I am!

Music:  Own tune, gradually getting faster
Thumbnail:  Step, kick, travel.