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Danish Double Quadrille

Author:  Traditional Danish
Formation: Sicilian circle, Double Sicilian: 4-facing-4, partners side by side
Difficulty:  2
Style:  Danish

A1: All 4 couples, circle left for 16 steps (twice as long as you'd expect)
A2: Circle right for 16 steps.
B1: The outside 2 couples take inside hands, and lead between the others into the middle of the room; turn in and lead back.
B2: The inside 2 couples likewise lead to the outside and back.
A3: Right and left through in fours (all the way).
A4: Circle left and right in fours.
B3 & 4: Each couple take ballroom hold and polka round the opposite couple 2 or 3 times, then go half way round again and form the line again ready to restart.

In A1, people tend to circle for only 8 steps before reversing - remind them.

Colin says   This is a genuine Danish dance called "S√łnderborg Dobbelt Kvadrille".

Music:  64-bar marches (or 2x32 bar ones played alternately).  Has its own tune also in the EFDSS Community Dances Manual and in Pete Mac's 'Band Swing'
Thumbnail:  Circles, in and out in 4s, rights and lefts, circles in 4s, polka round.