A Barn Dance Repertoire
by Thomas Green
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Cornish Six-Hand Reel

3 couples
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English
Start all in one line across the room, in sets of 3 couples facing down, men on left of partner as usual.

A1: All go 8 steps down; balance R and L twice, still facing down.
A2: Turn individually, 8 steps up, balance R and L twice facing up.  Turn to face partner.
B1 and 2: Six-hand reel, all the way.  Start passing right shoulders.  End the reel when you face your partner again for the second time.
C1: Right hand turn partner; left hand turn partner.  (slow turns.)
C2: Do-si-do partner; 2-hand turn partner.  All face towards 1s (the couple on the caller's right).
D1 and 2: Double cast (1s turn left and all follow); 1s arch at the end and all go through to progressed places.  Swing if time.  End facing down.

Unusual in being danced across the usual line, so that in D1 and 2 the double cast is moving from caller's right to caller's left.

Pretty vigorous if you're stepping it (see the video link)

Music:  3 x 64 or 6 x 32 marches