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Cornish Six-Hand Reel

Author:  John Searle
3 couples in one line across the room facing down, men on left as usual.
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: All go 8 steps down; balance R and L twice, still facing down.
A2: Turn individually, 8 steps up, balance R and L twice facing up.  Turn to face partner.
B1 & 2: Six-hand reel, all the way.  Start passing right shoulders.  End the reel when you face your partner again for the second time, but go slightly more so that men are facing the band.
C1: Right hand turn partner; left hand turn partner.  (slow turns.)
C2: Do-si-do partner; 2-hand turn partner.  All face towards 1s (the couple on the caller's right).
D1 & 2: Double cast (1s turn left and all follow); 1s arch at the end and all go round them and through to progressed places.  Swing if time.  End facing down.

Unusual in being danced across the hall, so that in D1 and 2 the double cast is moving from caller's right to caller's left.

Pretty vigorous if you're stepping it (see the first video link).

Colin says   I learnt it more the way it's danced in the second video link, with a single balance each time.

Music:  3 x 64 or 6 x 32 marches.  The suggested tune is Cornish Quickstep
Thumbnail:  All lead down, balance, back, balance, reel, turns, cast.