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Coming Round the Mountain

Formation: Square
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: 1s promenade round set anticlockwise (i.e.  start by turning right); others step into the middle to make room for them to pass.
A2: 1s & 3s RH star, then LH star.
B1: All do-si-do partner; swing partner, ending in place in promenade hold
B2: All promenade once round anticlockwise to place.
The sequence is - 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, Head couples (1s & 3s), side couples (2s & 4s), everybody (so you have an 8-hand star).

Colin says   This is a singing square, so choose a key that suits your voice.

The words are:
Now the first couple promenade the square
All the way, till you get back where you were.
Right-hand star across the mountain, back with the left hand,
Face your partners all and do-si do.

Well you do-si-do your partners one and all.
And you swing that girl around; don't let her fall.
Then you promenade the mountain, promenade the mountain,
Promenade your partner way back home.

Music:  Own tune or
Thumbnail:  1s promenade the set, stars, do-si-do and swing, promenade home.