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Clopton Bridge

Author:  John Chapman
Formation: Set dance, 4 couples, proper, vigorous
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: 1st man and 4th woman right-arm turn twice around.  Back with the left.
A2: 1st woman and 4th man the same.
B1: 2nd and 3rd couples do right-hand star, left-hand star.
B2: 1st couple swing down middle (or walk down with a nice swagger step).  All swing.

All done to a step-hop, except that in B1 JC suggests a 1-2-3-hop for the stars.

Colin says   Some end couples do four changes of a circular hey with hands while the middles are doing their stars.  John Chapman was too polite to object to this, but he never taught it that way himself.

Music:  32-bar hornpipes - need something vigorous, the dance relies on energy.
Thumbnail:  Turns, stars, lead down, swing.