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Circle Waltz

Formation: Big circle, or small circles of 4 or 5 couples.
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Take hands round the circle and balance in and out; men keep hold of neighbour and wheel her round to partner's place (men stepping back) to reform the circle.  Do that again.
A2: All that again.
B1: The 4th person is your new partner.  Take inside hands (or both), sway in, sway back, sway in and turn away from each other (man left, woman right) to finish facing out.  Do the same again outwards - sway out, sway in, sway out and turn.
B2: Ballroom hold: chassé 2 steps in and 2 out.  Waltz on round the circle, then reform the circle and start again.

Colin says   It's much better if the men step back and forward as they pass the women across in the A part, for two reasons.  It keeps the men dancing, and it means the women don't have so far to go.

Music:  32-bar waltzes such as "The Star of the County Down"
Thumbnail:  Balance in and out and women roll past, four times.  With new partner sway and turn twice.  Chassé in and out.  Waltz.