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Circle Hornpipe

Author:  Jim Billson
Formation: Big circle, men on inside
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A: Give two hands to partner: 4 chassées to the man's right; 4 to the left.  Two chasseés to the right, two to the left, clap: own hands together, right with partner, together, left with partner, together, cross on own chest, both with partner.
B: Right-forearm turn partner twice around (step-hop).  Left with the next person to the left (new partner).

Colin says   Jim Billson wrote it with the men on the outside ("just to be different", he said) but I prefer it the standard way with the men on the inside.  I find this goes down well even with experienced dancers, particularly if you've just called something complicated!

Music:  16-bar hornpipes
Thumbnail:  Chassées, clapping, turn partner, turn new partner