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Chinese Breakdown

Formation: Square
Difficulty:  3
Style:  English

A1: Allemande left your corner, pass your partner by, allemande right the next and pass your partner by.
A2: Allemande left your corner, twice round, and do-si-do your own
B1: Balance twice and swing partner
B2: Promenade partner.
A1: Lead couple (1st, next time the 2nd, etc) promenade around the outside of the set
A2: Lead couple ladies chain with the couple opposite, across and back.
B1: Same 2 couples each face the couple on their right and ladies chain across and back
B2: Same 2 couples repeat with couple on their left.
Repeat chorus and figure with each couple in turn as the leading couple.

Two spots for confusion with beginners - the ladies' chains and the first A1 figure - so I gave it difficulty 3.

Music:  Own tune
ThumbnailChorus: turn your corner, turn the one the other side, balance and swing partner, promenade.
Figure: Leading couple promenade round outside, ladies chain opposite couple, those couples ladies chain to right then to left.