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Caedmon Capers

Author:  Eddie Upton
Formation: Set dance, 6 couples, in two sets of 3, like this:

M1 W1M2 W2
M3 W3M4 W4
M5 W5M6 W6

Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Left-hand 'set' promenades all the way round the right-hand 'set'
A2: Right-hand set promenades round left hand set
B1: All face partner, balance twice, do-si-do
B2: Reels of 4 (1s with 2s, 3s with 4s, 5s with 6s)
C1 & 2: 1s and 2s start dip-and-dive, working in opposite directions, as follows:
1s go under 2s, then over 4s, under 6s, over 2s, and make an arch in 5th place; 2s go opposite way, over 1s, under 3's etc.  ending with arch in 6th place.
Other couples cast out, as a couple, as soon as they have been dipped or dived, and then come up through the arch at the bottom.
All swing.

Music:  48-bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Little sets lead round, balance, dosido, reels, dip and dive.