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Boston Tea Party

Author:  Jean Butler (in Captain's Ceilidh)
Formation: Set dance, 6 couples
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: 1s gallop to bottom, wheel around, make an arch and come up over men, W on the outside
A2: 1s wheel around and go down over women, W still on outside; then gallop back up to top
B1: 1s face down, others face up, all holding hands.  1's (only the 1s) dip and dive through the arches as others move up, going over or under 1s, casting out when they get to the top.  At the bottom 1s make an arch.
B2: The casting couples meet at the bottom of set, lead up through the arch made by the 1s to progressed places; swing.

Music:  6 x 32-bar American reels - suggested tunes are

Thumbnail:  Gallops and arches, short dip and dive, cast through arch.