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Balance the Star

Author:  McLain family, Berea College
Formation: Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  1
Style:  American

A1: Form a right- star but don't go round, balance in and out twice.  Right-hand star once around.
A2: Ditto with left hands.
B1: Do-s- do opposite.  Turn your back on your partner and promenade opposite (men turning to your left and not going anywhere) to end with women in partner's place.
B2: Do-si-do partner.  Turn your back on the opposite couple and men promenade partner back to place and then move on to the next couple, men passing left shoulder.

Colin says   The vital instruction is "Turn your back on your partner" in B1.  If you don't say that, people will do all sorts of strange things!

Music:  32 bar rags such as Peacock Rag and Beaumont Rag
Thumbnail:  In RH star formation balance in and out, then star; ditto LH.  With opposite, do-si-do and promenade; ditto with partner.