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Ap Shenkin

Formation: Longways, duple proper
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: 1s form a circle of 3 with 2nd woman and circle left twice around.
A2: 1s do likewise with 2nd man, again circling left twice around.
B1: 1s promenade down centre with Gay Gordon's hold or allemande hold, turn as a couple and promenade back.  (Hugh Rippon says: "Man's left hand held high going down, right hand high coming home.") Keep the hold and end facing the music, 2s joining in behind.
B2: 1s cast off to man's left followed by 2s.  Describe a small circle to man's left then the 1s do another half circle to progress.  Take care to end on own side.

Traditional, but this description taken from Hugh Rippon's 'The Willow Tree' (see Resources page).
Useful for novices who aren't familiar with longways progression and with waiting a turn at the ends, because it's very easy and because partners stay together (so you don't have inexperienced partners panicking when they have to progress and they're on their own).

Music:  32-bar single jigs (e.g.  John of Paris, Ap Shenkin).
Thumbnail:  1s circle with 2nd woman, then 2nd man; down, up, all single cast left and a bit more to progress