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Author:  Romanian
Formation: Line (no partner)
Difficulty:  1
Style:  Romanian

A1: R, close, R, close, R, stamp L twice.  L, close, L, close, L, stamp R twice.
A2: Same.
B1: R, close, R, stamp L; L, close, L, stamp R.  Same.
B2: R, stamp L, L, stamp R; R, stamp L twice.  L, stamp R, R, stamp L; L, stamp R twice.

Colin says   When I started calling it was mainly barn dances, working with Kafoozalum Their leader, Peter Jenkins, taught me two Kolos - this one and Djacko (also available on this site), and said "If the crowd just won't get up for anything, we do the kolos.  The band go down into the middle of the room, you grab an attractive woman and demonstrate the dance, and they'll get up and dance it." And he was right, so I recommend these two to anybody struggling to get a barn dance going.

The stamp involves bringing the feet together, and I'm specifying which foot to stamp, but when you're calling it there's no time for so many words - B2 just becomes "Right, stamp, Left, stamp; Right, stamp, stamp.  Left, stamp, Right, stamp; Left, stamp stamp".

Music:  Own tune, gradually getting faster
Thumbnail:  Step, close, stamp!