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Waves of Tory

Formation: Set dance, 5 couples
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Lines fwd and back; top 2 couples and next 2 couples right hand star while bottom couple right hand turn.
A2: Lines fwd and back; same people left hand star or turn.
B1: Tops galop down 8 steps and back.
B2: Tops cast out and down, make an arch, all follow and come up through the arch.
C1 & 2: Complete circuit of dip and dive, started by the bottom couple going under an arch.  If you're at an end you always turn around, change hands and go under.  Stop when back to where you started.  Some people manage a swing at the end - it depends where you are in the set.

This is a classic dance, though the dip and dive sometimes needs careful explaining.

Music:  48-bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Forward and back and cross; tops gallop down, all dip and dive.