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Tunnel Through

Author:  Traditional American
Formation: Square
Difficulty:  1
Style:  American

First couple balance and swing.
Go down the middle, split the ring, separate, round the outside.
When you get back home cross over, circle left with the opposite side couple, and finish near home place in two lines of three.
Lines forward and back.  Forward again, form a tunnel (middles also link hands with neighbours).
Lone couple tunnel through, then swing while the tunnel turns half-way clockwise (end men push).
Lone couple tunnel back.  Turn the tunnel again.  All swing.
See below.
Each couple in turn leads the figure.

Colin says   The dance isn't phrased to the music - watch the dancers and call to them.

You need a break involving all four couples, which traditionally comes before the first figure, after the second figure and at the end.  I don't normally walk through breaks, even with newcomers; I just tell them it will involve figures they've already learnt this evening.  Be inventive!  Don't be afraid to challenge them a little.  For instance: Everybody swing...  your corner.  Now run back home and swing your own.

Other possibilities: do-si-do your corner.  Do-si-do your partner.  Heads go forward and back.  Forward again and do-si-do your opposite.  Sides the same.  Breaks don't have to involve complicated figures like all four ladies chain three-quarters; it's the unexpected that they enjoy, provided they can cope with it.

Music:  Unphrased (not too tuneful) American reels.  Bernie Chalk used Ragtime Annie - here's one version of the tune - though he got confused if bands played the C-music.
Thumbnail:  Balance & swing, split the ring, circles, lines forward and back, moving tunnel.