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The Retiring Librarian

Author:  Geoff Todd
Formation: Set dance, 3 couples, circle, standing beside partner with man on the left.
Difficulty:  2
Style:  English

A1: Circle left.  Circle right.
A2: Ladies right-hand star.  Left-hand star.
B1: Do-si-do corner.  Swing (new partner).
B2: Promenade anywhere, and find two more couples.

Colin says   First time, swing your original partner (or you'll hardly be dancing with them).  Finish with B2: Basket.

Written for Sheila Mainwearing in 1994 on her retirement as a librarian.  Anyone who knows Sheila will tell you that she's not the least bit retiring!

Music:  32 bar jigs
Thumbnail:  Circle, star, do-si-do, swing, promenade.