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The Carousel

Author:  Bill Wolding (Caller's Choice)
Formation: Sicilian circle
Difficulty:  1
Style:  English

A1: Do-si-do person opposite; do-si-do partner.
A2: Form a circle balance in-out twice (kick left right left right); circle left once.
B1: Balance in-out twice; circle right.
B2: Link elbow with partner (man's right elbow to woman's left), balance forward and back once.  Men link left elbows to form a line; swing line around once.  Release elbows to face next couple.

I'm told that some dancers do B2 with arm around partner's waist and gents hook elbows - sounds good to me.

Thumbnail:  Do-si-dos, make circle and balance, then circle L, ditto R; elbow balances, then rotate a line of four.